About WP Lookout

WP Lookout was launched in August 2020 with the goal of providing WordPress users with a better way to stay informed about what’s happening on their WordPress sites.

WordPress users depend on themes and plugins, and it’s important to know when they release new versions or make other notable changes. Plugins and themes bring so much value to the WordPress ecosystem, but a single bug or breaking change can affect the users, developers and builders who rely on WordPress to keep businesses running smoothly. Relying on auto-updates is convenient, but not always prudent.

WP Lookout was created in order to help every WordPress site owner or manager – regardless of technical familiarity – to keep their sites maintained easily and safely. We track the themes and plugins you depend on so you can make better decisions about how to manage your sites.

Chris Hardie

About the Creator

Chris Hardie is the founder and creator of WP Lookout. He is a software engineer and WordPress developer. He grew a web development and consulting agency, serving clients all across the United States. He specialized in managing websites across a wide variety of hosting environments and content management tools. Chris also led teams at Automattic, providing software development, engineering consulting, and support to some of the biggest WordPress sites on the web.

He is active on his personal website and on Twitter.

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