What is WP Lookout?

WP Lookout is a service that tracks updates to the WordPress themes and plugins you depend on. It provides WordPress professionals with timely awareness when a new plugin or theme version is released, a changelog mentions a security fix, ownership is passed to someone else, or some other important change happens that might affect you.

Auto-updates of plugins and themes are great for many site owners, and they’re certainly preferred over running an unsupported or insecure plugin on your site. But sometimes you want to know about an important change before auto-updates can get to the new release. Or maybe you’re a WordPress agency or developer who manage multiple WordPress sites and still coordinate careful manual upgrades, ensuring that changes in a plugin or theme don’t conflict with custom functionality.

In the past, this could be an onerous process, whether it’s logging in to wp-admin on a regular basis to see what’s changed, or chasing down the changelog for a new release to see if it mentions security, tracking updates can be time-consuming and error-prone.

WP Lookout makes all of this easier.

In one simple interface you can see all of the plugins and themes you care about, and when and how they’ve been updated. Notifications about plugin and theme changes come to your inbox so you don’t have to wonder. And with plans that include custom integration options like notifications in your team’s Slack channel or sending to a custom webhook URL, you can quickly bring WP Lookout’s tracking into your existing workflows.

Learn more about the kind of tracking we do, how to create new trackers, managing your notifications or answers to frequently asked questions.