WP Lookout is an “open startup,” meaning that we try to be as transparent as possible about our metrics — users, revenue and more — along with things like our feature roadmap and marketing experiments. We do this in the spirit of openness and collaboration that has made the WordPress community thrive, and in the hopes that it helps other projects and startups along the way. (If you’re interested, we’ve also been building WP Lookout in the open over on Indie Hackers.)

Key Metrics

Metrics are updated daily.


Themes and plugins we’re tracking for our users.

Tracking Events

New versions, changelog updates and other events WP Lookout has observed.

Notifications Sent

Slack messages, emails and webhook calls to advise our users of new updates.


People (or thinly disguised bots?) using WP Lookout in some form.


Awesome people who support us with money.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Monthly subscription revenue.


(As of December 2020)

  • Annual Revenue:
    • Subscriptions:
  • Annual Recurring Expenses: ~$1,140
    • Hosting and Hosting Tooling: $900
    • Marketing and Support Software and Subscriptions: $240
    • Credit Card Processing Fees: about 3.25% of the Subscription revenue above
    • Marketing: TBD


WP Lookout  is the DBA name for Kind and Curious Ventures LLC, an Indiana, United States LLC that is 100% owned by Chris Hardie.